Welcome to the Virtual Valley of the Sun Arizona Regional Competition

Important Dates & Times

Saturday February 27, 2021 at 3:00 PM
Saturday February 27, 2021 at 4:30 PM

National History Day in Arizona

Virtual Valley of the Sun Arizona Regional Competition Schedule

The following projects have been promoted to state:



Individual Exhibit

3rd place: Frequency Hopping that Changed the World of Communication

2nd place: Navajo Code Talkers: The Unbreakable Code

1st Place: History of Traffic Signs: Easy to Understand Non-verbal Means of Instant Communication with Travelers


Individual Website

3rd place: Alan Turing, The Engima, The Bombe: Cracking the Code to Better Communication

2nd place: Maya Angelou: Communicating through Prose and Poetry

1st place: Stan Lee’s Superheroes: Fallible Comic Book Characters Connecting with Readers by Dealing with Real-Life Problems



2nd place: I Have a Dream - High Hopes and High Notes

1st place: Dorothea Lange, The Photographer of the New Deal




Group Documentary

3rd place: War of The Worlds Radio Broadcast

2nd place: Behind Bars: How Communication Among the Incarcerated Community can be Misinterpreted, and What it Really Shows About the Effects of Communication

1st place: Mahatma Gandhi - The Father of Nonviolence


Group Performance

How Dots and Dashes Changed History


Group Website

2nd place: Communication in the Bombing of Pearl Harbor

1st place: Mother Knows Best: How a Mother’s Letter to Her Son Led to Women’s Suffrage


Individual Documentary

3rd place: How Email Is the Spark of the Internet Revolution

2nd place: Aum Shinrikiyo: Exploiting Communication Through Manga

1st place: Ron Ridenhour's Communication for the American Conscience


Individual Website

3rd place: Breaking Communication: The Key to Midway and Anne Frank’s Diary: A Personal Diary Continues to Communicate Even After Seven Decades

2nd place: Hello Girls and Charles Moore: Communicating Truth Through the Camera

1st place: Miscommunication of Combat Con Artists and The Jazz Ambassadors


Individual Exhibit

3rd place: Jeannette Rankin: First Woman in Congress

2nd place: Click: The Camera Never Lies

1st place: I Was There: Monikers and the Hobo Code


Individual Performance

2nd place: The Cold War on Ice

1st place: The Dr.'s Communication from the Pages of Children's Books and Beyond



3rd place: Yours Truly, Mr. Einstein

2nd place: The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, A Milestone in History

1st place: Hickory Dickory Dock: The 1884 International Meridian Conference and its Influence on Time Zones




Group Documentary

2nd place: Appeal for Amnesty: The Letter That Changed It All

1st place: Vietnam and the Geneva Conference: The Consequences of Communication


Group Exhibit

3rd place: JFK: The Great Communicator

2nd place: Twin Towers

1st place: Visual Propaganda of WWII


Group Website

Hearst and Pulitzer: Papers That Launched a Thousand Ships


Individual Documentary

3rd place: The Pittsburgh Survey: A Communication of the Gilded Age

2nd place: Creoles of the World:  The Bridge to Mutual Linguistic Understanding

1st place: Tuning the Minds of the GIs Through the Airwaves


Individual Exhibit

3rd place: Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee: Communication to Justice

2nd place: The Trail of Broken Treaties

1st place: Code Girls: Communicating Change


Individual Performance

The Hello Girls: Connecting Lines for Communications and Enhancing Understanding


Individual Website

3rd place: Korean Peace Talks

2nd place: Deaf President Now: A Message of Self Determination and Self Governance to the Hearing World

1st place: James Baldwin: A Witness to Racial Misunderstanding



3rd place: Writing the Way to Success

2nd place: Never Forget

1st place: US Government Uranium Mining: Miscommunications that Threatened Navajo Cultural Identity


Welcome Students! 

  • Follow all the registration steps under the registration/student drop-down menu.  You will receive an email after your registration is complete. 
  • Please make sure you register all group members for group projects.  It is easiest to register all group members at one time.  
  • Make sure to check with your teacher to verify who will be paying for your registration fees. 
  • Registration for the regional competition is $30. All registration fees are due by the last day of registration @ 9:00 PM.  There is a $15.00 late fee for late registration after this date and time.
  • Due to security reasons, interviews will not be live. Students can still record interviews and send them to nhdaz@azhs.gov as an optional professionalization opportunity. All interview rules still apply and the NHDAZ will retain the interviews and might use clips for NHDAZ promotional materials. By submitting a video interview, the student and family consent to this use. 


Welcome Teachers! 

  • Teachers should register BEFORE their students.
  • Follow all the registration steps under the registration/teacher drop down menu to register yourself.  Students will do the same for their own registration.
  • Students will receive an email after the first step of registration and once their registration is complete. 
  • Make sure to let your students know who will be paying for their registration fees. 
  • Registration for the regional competition is $30. 
  • All registration fees are due by the end of the registration period, late registration fees ($15 per late entry) will be assessed after that time.

Welcome Judges! 

Thank you for your interest in National History Day in Arizona!

Please click on the Judge's link on the top menu to register to judge for the Valley of the Sun Competition. Once registered you will receive materials on the 2021 theme Communication in History: The Key to Understanding in addition to judging resources. You will receive your assignments soon!

Thank you in advance for your time and support of National History Day in Arizona.

If you have any questions please contact nhdaz@azhs.gov




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